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CoverMyMeds at CodeMash 2016: A Retrospective

CoverMyMeds had a blast at CodeMash 2016! We had our best turnout yet, with twenty-five CMMers in attendance! I remember when the entire company wasn’t that big, so I’m still astonished by that number! There’s some great pictures below, but you should check out the full spread.

Those of us who attended the sessions on day one and two thoroughly enjoyed the Holiday Light Fight, where you program a light show out of strings of holiday lights, 7 Languages in 7 Hours, NodeBots, and the Internet of Things Weather Station in the Factory.

In fact, our own CJ Estel, proud member of our database administration team, took third place in the NodeBots competition! His bot is sitting with our infrastructure team now, and we’re all dreading the day it gains sentience.

Besides work, we had a ball at Improving’s parties (thanks guys!), as well as at the official cocktail mixers. The highlight party was, of course, the Thursday Night water park party, where I got to watch Ryan Norman and Boyan Alexandrov surf which was way more fun than it sounds.

The Booth

This year we upped our booth game considerably with the addition of a charging station! This glowing, color changing podium was a great place for folks to chat with us while they juiced up their devices. Bonus: it came in a gigantic imposing shipping crate, which we loved!

Besides that, CoverMyMeds gave away several prizes, including a weekend at the Kalahari; a GeekPack consisting of an amazing laptop backpack, a Kinesis Freestyle keyboard, and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones; and a Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The Kalahari weekend was especially cool, as the ticket was randomly stuffed into one of the CoverMyMeds Beach towels we handed out, so we never knew when someone was going to find out they won!

Our Talks

Five of us ended up giving talks this year! Benjamin Winkler and Joel Byler both unlocked the “Gave Two Talks at One CodeMash” achievement, which I have no idea how they managed, but kudos to them!

  • Benjamin Winkler: The How and Why of Software Patents
  • Brandon Joyce & Kelli Searfos: Applying the 4 Rules of Simple Design in Complex Software
  • Joel Byler: Component-based Javascript Using Flight.js
  • Joel Byler: So You Can Count to 10, But Can You Count to F?
  • Jon Canady & Benjamin Winkler: Hatching Phoenix, The Elixir Framework

We hope to see everyone at next year’s CodeMash! If you want to see more, we’ve got the full set of pictures from CodeMash 2016 available.

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