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Working Hard and Playing Hard

I first met Alan Gilbert of CoverMyMeds in 2012 when he collaborated with me in the time between presenting at the Ohio LinuxFest Career Track and the Tech Crawl with LOPSA Columbus. That’s when I began to learn more about the culture at CoverMyMeds, and knew it was a company I wanted to be a part of and help out.

So, I joined the company in 2013. Sure, there are some great perks I’ve grown to love and appreciate since I started, like Becky’s great lunch and the craft beer on tap, but ultimately, it’s the people and culture that I appreciate the most. It’s both refreshing and exciting to know that my impression and appreciation for the values surrounding entrepreneurship, innovation, and culture are truly shared by the founders.

When we started discussing our technology team publishing more articles, code, and presenting it was not only supported by senior management, but encouraged.

Some of our favorite things to say around the office include:

  • Make the right way the easy way
  • We treat people like responsible adults
  • Right tool for the job
  • Don’t fight nature
  • Hire amazing people and then you don’t need rules
  • Figure it out
  • Work hard and play hard

Speaking of working hard and playing hard, our Marketing team recently created one of my new favorite things:


The best technologists no longer have to relocate to be a part of a supportive, fun, and innovative technology organization; it’s right here in Columbus, Ohio.

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